The EuropeanPioneers accelerator programme aims to boost the development of digital SMEs and web entrepreneurs in the media and content sector in Europe. The 8-month accelerator programme is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to apply and participate – to help you drive your business forward.

We connect you with the platform and technologies of FIWARE – cutting-edge applications developed at the European level to enable fast and effective web developments.

We don’t provide a co-working space. You continue to operate where your business is already successful. You will be part of the team – remotely. We provide the infrastructure to guarantee effective communication and exchange of best practices throughout the programme. We also visit you whenever you need support. But be prepared to make several trips to Berlin!

What you get


We distribute funding provided by the EU. It’s public money, so you don’t have to give away equity in your business in order to benefit. The total grant ranges from €50,000 to €250,000 per project (depending on your business model, your current status and your financial needs).

Coaching & Mentoring

We help you develop cutting-edge business skills via face-to-face workshops, online webinars & mentoring activities in the following areas:

  •   Running Lean Startups & Constantly iterating business models
  •   Business Model Canvas
  •   Design Thinking
  •   Identifying and Building Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)
  •   Organizational aspects (e. g. team building and scaling)
  •   Legal aspects (e. g. IPR, terms and conditions)
  •   Marketing & Sales
  •   Revenue Models
  •   Financial planning / Cash flow planning

We foster the constant exchange of best practices for business execution between you and the other startups in the programme by sustaining regular communication and implementing a shared project management platform.

We support you by conducting review workshops where you work, to discuss and analyse your progress on both technical and financial levels.

We support you in building Minimum Viable Products and assessing them through systematic user tests with a total of at least 1,000 users across Europe.


You join the European web entrepreneurs’ eco-system, which includes all startups funded during the FI-PPP accelerator initiative, user groups, other innovation accelerators, investors, small and large ICT players and stakeholders of the EU Future Internet Public-Private Partnership.

We help you optimize your business modelling with a view to further steps with venture capital companies.

We strengthen your network by introducing you to venture capital communities and corporate venture activities, and support your participation in relevant events.

State-of-the-Art Technologies

We connect you with the platform and technologies of FIWARE – cutting-edge applications developed at the European level to enable fast and effective web developments. This will allow you to develop completely new content-centric products and services based on state-of-the-art technology. You can also use these innovative technologies to complement and optimize your existing business. The key benefit is the prevention of costly and time-consuming in-house developments.

In order to participate in the EuropeanPioneers accelerator programme you will need to commit to implementing at least one of the FIWARE technologies, i.e. FIWARE generic enablers, specific enablers and/or domain specific platforms.

Stay in Touch

EuropeanPioneers has come to an end. We are currently planning similar acceleration programs in collaboration with the European Commission. Sign in for our newsletter if you want to receive updates or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.